About me :



I am a senior EE student at Isfahan University of Technology. I come from the ancient, audacious city of Yazd, located at the arid center of Iran.



I joined the Game theory and Mechanism design  at IUT where  I do my senior reseach under  guidance of Prof. Manshaei.

I recently got interested in human/social computation. 


Educations :

Isfahan university of Technology(IUT), Isfahan, Iran

B.Sc  candidate in Electrical Engineering,  Sept. 2010- present 


Diploma in Math & Physics, Maleksabet High school, june 2009, Yazd, IR







Research Interests :

I am mainly interested in applying ideas from Information theory, Stochastic processes , Optimization, Game theory, and Graph theory to analyize complex information networks and designing engineering schemes for such systems . In particular,
  • Complex networks (wireless net., cyber-physical systems, social net., cloud computing): Management, incentive mechanisms design,  and scheduling algorithms
  • Network Privacy and security
  • Games on networks, dynamics in networked systems and management of online platforms
  •  Learning systems & statistical models and data: Inference, iterative algorithms